These past few months, you and I and countless others worked tirelessly to give our community a voice in Lansing.

I am so proud of our effort, and so humbled by the support you and your neighbors have given me.

Even though the election didn’t go our way, we did some incredible things together.

We forced my opponent to defend his record on the issues that matter to our community. We showed him and the Republican Party that they cannot sit in Lansing and ignore the needs of the folks back home.

We knocked on almost 80,000 of our neighbor's doors and placed over 20,000 phone calls. The dedication of my volunteers and staff is humbling.

I’ll continue to work to hold our senator accountable, and make sure he is making Lansing work for us, not special interests.

I hope you’ll do the same, and continue the momentum we’ve built together into lasting positive change for our community. Thank you friends.

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